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Axium's Masakhane program offers additional help in English and mathematics for grade 6 - 9 learners. The program also has a strong focus on developing learner leadership, agency and creativity. Thimna is one of our grade 9 learners who will soon be graduating from our program and moving away from Zithulele to continue her schooling at senior secondary school.


Who is Thimna?

Thimna is a fun person. Thimna likes laughing, to make new friends… Likes people. And I really love my schoolwork. But my first priority is my family. I love my family. What I hate is when people gossip about me. And that is Thimna. And she is beautiful.

Tell us about your school.

My school is beautiful.. But it’s like at school they teach you how to respect, how you do schoolwork. They explain to you until you understand something. I like my school. Children who are studying there are friendly. I studied at Christ the King at Queenstown, and then at Louis Rex in Queenstown, then at Hlangalethu at Butterworth, then at Seaview and now at Putuma. And I have just finished grade 9.

Which school was your favourite?

It was Langalethu. Because I was at Louis Rex was an Afrikaans school. Langalethu was the first school where I studied isiXhosa, in grade 5. It was really special because the teachers there loved me. They offered to do after school classes with me to help me with my isiXhosa. My isiXhosa teacher was very kind. Her name was Miss Gotywa.

Thimna, which high school do you want to go to?

I would love to study at Katkat – near Queenstown. It’s the best school, and it has a hostel. They offer you food – they also teach you to learn and how to be independent. If you live close to school you know that your mother will clean up after you and pick up your clothes, but at Katkat nobody will do that for you. You have to do it all for yourself.

What is your favourite subject?

History and geography (social sciences) are my best subjects because I get to learn about the past; about what has already happened. Today people don’t really care about the past. We care about the future. But we have to know what roots there are – because we need to learn about the past so that we can be better in the future.

What is your favourite thing that you’ve learnt in history?

Jan van Riebeck and the dutch settlement in South Africa. I learned about where money comes from; the metal coins and paper.

What do you want to do when you are older?

When I grow up I want to be a lawyer because I want justice to be served. I want people to tell me the truth; if they did the crime or not. I can know the truth if the evidence is all there. I want murderers to go to jail. I want innocent people to get out of jail and live happily.

What advice would you give to other grade 9’s in South Africa?

You should work hard and study, then you will become successful. If you don’t study you will stay at home and have many babies. Studying is the key to life. Work hard at school and make the world proud.


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