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In early August we said goodbye to Fiona and Jasmine, our two Project Trust volunteers, who have been with us for a whole year. They worked predominantly in the Masakhane (Grade 6-9) classroom, Fiona in English and Jasmine in Maths, but they will be missed across Zithulele.

“I think I’ll miss the kids the most,” said Jas, “they are truly inspiring, seeing how hard they work after school hours. I come from a system where learners try and do the bare minimum so to see these learners putting in so much effort is really exciting.”

“I’ll miss the kids too but I’ll also really miss the weirdness and wackiness of Axium in general. You’re never quite sure what’s going to happen when you come to work,” quipped Fiona.

Mashiya Phithi, Masakhane Program Manager, said, “Their kindness and passion about their work is what I admire the most. They did their work without anyone reminding them of what they are supposed to do. They have taken their roles and responsibilities seriously. Fifi and My Jas, I will really miss your willingness to help.”

The Masakhane learners had a chance to say farewell too and put on a choral performance of the Hymn Nkosi Sikele, accompanied by Fiona on the trombone.

Fiona is off to follow her passion for music while Jas plans to continue working with young people as she begins her studies to become a paediatric nurse. We wish you both all the best with your studies and hope you’ll come back to visit.

Sizonikhumbula Jas noFiona! Hambani kakhuhle.



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