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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Subject: Application for The University of Axium

Dear student

Thank you for your application for the University of Axium. We are pleased to inform you that you meet the entry requirements.

However, we have received a large number of applications. In order to secure your place at The University of Axium, please send us an email of motivation as to why you feel you would be a good candidate for this degree.

We will let you know shortly if your application has been successful.

Kind regards

The University of Axium Applications Office

At our winter school bootcamp, our Senior Schools team assisted by some students from a visiting school, Westerford High, ran computer workshops with our grade 10 and 11 students. We combined practical university application skills with computer skills. Over the week, each student set up their own Gmail account and practiced writing and applying for university through a series of dialogue tasks between them and the 'University of Axium Applications Office'. The workshops were such a hit!

For the majority of our students, there are limited opportunities for them to engage with computers and for many of them this was the first time using laptops, email and Word. We are able to do this because at our bootcamps we have the luxury of small class sizes and access to technology (laptops and internet). Unfortunately this is not the reality for most rural schools. Large class sizes and lack of access to resources continue to hold rural learners back.

Here is an insight into the hopes and dreams of some of our Senior School learners in their own words:

"I would like to study Medical Doctor because I've seen a lot of people dying from different disease.This is mainly happening in rural areas and it seems like government forget about how important life is. Many people say being a Medical doctor is very difficult but I am taking that because I can work hard and stand up for what I want."


"The degree that I have chosen is the best as it inspires me to help learners who don't understand English. I have always wanted to be an English teacher because, since I was young, I have always acted as a teacher towards my friends.I am very patient when it comes to teaching English .The challenges that I will face in University won't be that hard because I will meet new people and new teachers who will makes me understand new words and new ways to make English more simple.I am going to do my best to achieve the goal I always wanted. The challenges I will face won't make me lose the potential I have."


"Thank you for your email. I want to be a pharmacist because I like mixing up things and I like adding different solutions. I also love chemistry. I love chemistry because I enjoy balancing chemical equations. I want to be a pharmacist because I want to help other people. I want to make medication that will heal people. It is going to be a challenge to study far away from home but I will make sure that I call my family so that I don't miss them too much. Another challenge is that I am going to meet new friends who might want me to use drugs. I will have to deal with the hard work of the university. I will be able to overcome the challenges at university because I am a hard worker. I can choose good friends. I can say no to things that can destroy my future. I hope this letter shows you how much I want to be a pharmacist."


"I want to study Engineering because I am interested in designing buildings and bridges. I want to design bridges in different place and also help people access different places.

I would be a good candidate for this degree because I know myself and that I work hard enough to reach my goals. I am a hard worker and confident in my work."


"Thank you for your email. I want to be a nurse because I like to work with people who need help, like patients. Most people die because there are too few nurses in hospital, especially my local hospital. I know that this degree is very difficult. Most nurses get tired because they work so hard. I am strong enough to fight against those challenges. I am a hard worker so I can do lots of work. I am also good at Biology so it's easy for me to work with people because I don't feel pity or frustration when discussing things. I hope this motivation shows you how much I want to be a nurse."


Thank you for listening to me - I hope you will consider my application - I look forward to hearing from you - I am looking forward to studying at your university - Kind regards.



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