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Have you read the Draft Policy on Rural Education?

A public comments period for the Draft Policy on Rural Education ends this Saturday, yet it seems the participation process has not been well advertised or utilised. We've spoken with a number of sister organisations who, while in some cases aware of the policy, have not engaged in the process due to capacity or other constraints.

Have you read the Policy? Are you commenting? Let us know!

Our concern is that insufficient input on this policy could cause undue delays and unnecessary issues down the line. It would be great to hear from other organisations who are submitting comments.

We are also calling on all concerned with South African education to read on and consider making a last minute submission now, even if it is just to request that further opportunities for meaningful engagement be offered as the process continues.

Why does this Policy matter?

Rural learners represent a large percentage of our national school demographic and often experience the most severe symptoms of the education crisis - they deserve our full attention whenever a plan to benefit them is being discussed.

This will be the first time a specific Policy is created to deal with the particular challenges facing education in the rural context. Policy is our plan for intervening to alter a situation. It is essential that a careful, detailed document is drafted so we have a clear plan of action that is able to create real change.

We feel that the Policy in its current form is NOT able to do this. Our own submission will raise a number of substantive concerns, but also request a further public engagement process before this goes to Parliament.

Join us!

If you in any way work with education or are just worried about the way our system is failing rural learners, please visit this site:

There you can read the Policy and find contact details for submissions. Simply emailing to request further public engagement on this essential document will be a big help!

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