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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Right from its conception in Boston in 2009, Axium has had a long relationship with the United States. Over the years we’ve had a regular stream of American visitors and volunteers, largely thanks to our friends Mike Gathercole of 2 Way Travel and Amy Gleason of Ubuntu Global Connections, who bring groups of visitors to Zithulele on an annual basis. 2 Way Travel’s goal is to create opportuniites for “life changing travel”. Our experience at Axium has been that those who visit Zithulele tend to leave deeply impacted by their time here.

With the need to strengthen long-standing relationships with Axium’s American sponsors in order to raise money for our ‘homestay development fund’, it was time for a visit to the USA. Our executive director, Craig Paxton, visited 6 US cities in the space of 15 days – a whirlwind of which even the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy would be proud! The response was positive and personally very encouraging, with genuine interest in our work and many new friends, the result of which has translated into very practical outcomes - over R160 000 (USD12000) raised… and counting!

We’re immensely grateful to Amy Gleason of Ubuntu Global Connections for connecting us to every person she knows in the USA and for giving us the encouragement and practical assistance we needed to make this happen. The rest of the United States population was covered by Mike Gathercole of 2 Way Travel’s extensive network. Our thanks also goes to volunteers Ben Painter and Steve Gleason for planting the idea of a fundraising trip to the USA while they spent time with Axium in Zithulele in July this year.

Finally, some good news for our USA friends and supporters: you can donate tax efficiently through Ubuntu Global Connections by clicking here!


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