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Where we are

Axium Education is based in the rural village of Zithulele in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Zithulele (approximate location indicated by the orange triangle on the map) is situated in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa in an area known as the Wild Coast. It is 85km (90 minutes drive) from the nearest town, Mthatha (formerly Umtata). It is almost four hours from the nearest city, East London, and just under five hours from the provincial capital, Bhisho. It is just south of the famous tourist attraction, Hole in the Wall, and the holiday town of Coffee Bay.

The lack of access and infrastructure that makes the Wild Coast a popular tourist destination for adventurers also means that the local people live in abject poverty. The Oliver Tambo District, in which the Zithulele lies, is one of the poorest rural areas in South Africa. Unemployment is officially 77% here (and would be higher if Mthatha was excluded). Only 9% of households have access to electricity and a little over a quarter to piped water. Average income is less than R1000 (US$164) per household per month.

The green hills of the Wild Coast where Zithulele Hospital has been in operation since 1956 as a mission of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa.

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