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Rural Dilemma
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What we do

For those of us living in Africa and indeed throughout the developing world, Nelson Mandela's words not only ring true, but ring with a clear, resounding sense of urgency. Millions of rural people move through life deprived of the opportunities that quality education provides... and the global community is poorer because of this. If we are to awaken the potential of this sleeping giant, education will need to be done differently: reaching more students, more effectively with the limited resources available.

Axium Education aims to transform rural communities in the developing world through education. The organization uses a three-tiered strategy working with students, teachers and school leaders to raise student achievement and create a pathway for talented students to pursue tertiary study. At the pilot site in South Africa this broad approach will enable Axium Education to impact the lives of over 3000 people on an annual basis with a cost per life touched of US$105.

Axium Education represents a unique opportunity for investors who care about a measurable social return on their investment. Strong partnerships with universities and community organizations, a focus on the critical subjects of mathematics, science and English and our accomplished, results-oriented team combine to make this a compelling proposition. The organization is currently seeking funds of US$900 000 for the initial phase of the project from 2009 to 2011. These will be raised from three sources: partnerships with South African companies (50 %); government grants and contracts (25 %); and contributions from foreign donors, charities and foundations (25 %). By 2012 Axium Education will be at full capacity with a permanent staff of eight and an operating budget of US$310 000.

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