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Rural Dilemma
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What we do |    Strategy

At the pilot site in the Eastern Cape, Axium Education will provide services to a network of five to ten local schools using three targeted strategies:

1. Developing teachers
2. Improving school leadership
3. Ekukhuleni Math, Science and English Center for gifted students
4. Maths and English literacy - Khan Academy and Chatterbox club


South Africa still experiences the legacy of the Apartheid era's racially divided education system: teachers in disadvantaged areas tend to be less qualified (if at all) than their counterparts in formerly White-only schools; the historical lack of opportunity has resulted in low levels of motivation among teachers; and, in critical subjects such as mathematics and science, appropriately qualified teachers with a thorough grounding in subject knowledge are rare.

Axium aims to improve the quality of instruction in local schools by upgrading the subject knowledge of teachers, improving instructional practice and increasing motivation. We are currently developing a partnership with the University of Cape Town's Schools Development Unit, who have over 20 years of experience in instructional improvement efforts and will help to guide our thinking about teacher development. Aspects of our approach include:

a. Partnering with teacher certification centers to enable under/unqualified teachers to obtain formal qualifications.
b. Creation of learning teams and networks between teachers to encourage quality practice through observation and critical feedback.
c. We are also exploring a partnership with the School of Education at the University of Cape Town to offer a unique practicum opportunity for student teachers in a rural setting. Not only will fresh faces stimulate good teaching in local schools, but the student-teachers themselves would go away from the experience with a unique insight into the issues in rural schools.
d. Subject-specific workshops and seminars in the critical areas of math, science and English.

Approximately 30% of our time and resources will be allocated to this aspect of our strategy, including 1 full-time staff member and the use of our four member expert teaching team.

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